VISION Mechanisms

This line of armchairs has been combined with a self-adjusting Synchro mechanism able to correct the push of the weight and adapt to support all our movements. 

This push can be adjusted according to the weight of the people, by means of a knob positioned under the seat of the chair; all this generates perfect ergonomics able to give a feeling of well-being This latest generation mechanism has been made invisible at first sight, using a seat cover, also upholstered, and the user with the control of two buttons positioned on the sides, will benefit from various functions of the mechanics. 

The button on the right of the seat adjusts the height of the chair, while the button on the left adjusts the inclination of the backrest. 

The President and Meeting versions feature a self-adjusting synchro mechanism with 3 backrest locking positions with a backward rotation radius of 21 °

The Lounge version has a self-adjusting synchro mechanism that has a 26° opening of the backrest and the possibility of locking the backrest in 4 positions. 

The Visitor version, on the other hand, is equipped with a PLATE or TILT, fixed or adjustable in height, using a lever, placed under the seat.

Stefano Sandonà studio design

VISION's Family

All VISION are entirely padded with soft polyurethane and an internal iron frame, which allows to support very high weights avoiding any structural deformations. VISION armchairs are available in different versions: President, Meeting, Lounge and Stool; no matter which one, each of them hides all its mechanisms inside an upholstered and shaped shell. 
The President are equipped with a self-balancing Synchro mechanism able to ergonomically adapt the backrest tension to your weight. You can turn the handle under the seat to personalize the chair up to your comfort. Press the button on the left side to block backrest inclination up to 3 different positions and the right one to adjust seat height, as you need. 
The Meeting, on the other hand, can just rotate or have a gas lift or even have a mechanism which allows the backrest to tilt. 
The Lounge has a self-balanced synchro mechanism, with a backrest lockable in 4 positions. Finally, you can find the Stool solution as well, suitable for any location. 





The pleasant comfort of ambitions.

When designing VISION, we favored essence over appearance since the start. We imagined this chair in the offices where the most important decisions are taken. We selected the finest materials to make it unique but, most importantly, we put the wellness of the body and senses at the heart of our project. 

Having defined these few yet fundamental guidelines, we drew the first sketches of a chair destined to become an icon of our time. 

VISION is the brilliant result of this journey; with its soft and sleek lines, this exclusive chair blends perfectly in the most exclusive settings, giving the most pleasant comfort to your ambitions. 

This is VISION endeavor. Numerous sketches were drawn before successfully implementing all the features that this chair should have boasted. The optimal result was achieved only with the manufacturing of polyurethane injection molded modules inside of which we inserted durable elastic straps. This is VISION.


Color Materials

SE - Simil Leather


10 colors
T - Retouched Leather

T+C 84

6 colors
KEEN Leather


14 colors
ST - Top Grain Leather


12 colors
ME - 100% Polyester FR


10 colors
WM - Wool Melange


10 colors

Component Options

Control Mechanisms

Lift swivel

Lift swivel with forward & back Tilt

Intuitive synchro end lift swivel

Intuitive synchro lounge end swivel

Bottons color











Cod. 1

Cod. 2

Cod. 4

Cod. 7C

Cod. 7N

Cod. 8