At the heart of innovation there is always an ounce of genius and madness. At the heart of YOUNIQUE there is a mechanism that seemed unrealizable to everyone but to REXSITT. The monocoque frame with synchronized movement, patented worldwide, is incredible: it interacts with the body almost as a second skin. A wide opening, from -4 to +28 degrees of amplitude, amplifies the sense of well-being. Just a tilt and ergonomics will interact softly with linear sinuosity. Its lightweight movement follows our every action, allowing us to maintain the perfect posture and harmonious breathing at all times.


The design of any new chair starts by researching the style and personality of its final users. We must interpret their tastes and desires, the world they move in, their ambitions, passions and expectations. The object designed must catch their eye in a matter of seconds inside a large working showcase. Now it’s time for the secret ingredient, that which lights up the spark and what we call the GOLLY factor. In any special recipe there’s an unexpected ingredient that makes our heart beat faster. Ours is perhaps the forty years of experience, our Italian identity that lets us observe the world with the courage of the great explorers or maybe meeting with people who enrich us with new stimuli and visions every day. YOUNIQUE features all of this in its DNA: the contemporary style of timeless objects and classic uniqueness.


There are many reasons why YOUNIQUE really is unique.
Some of these are the reasons why many people have chosen it and why so many others are choosing it right now.
1 YOUNIQUE is the first monocoque chair with worldwide patented synchronized movement, with an opening of -4 to +28 degrees to deliver unique comfort.
2 The SYNCHRO mechanism used in YOUNIQUE provides users with invisible and constant support, a second skin that translates into anti-fatigue postural well-being.
3 A sinuous frame and lots of fine details give for a classic yet contemporary style that adapts perfectly to any environment and personality.
4 A wide range of meshes and leathers to get creative in matching infinite combination with exclusive and refined designs.
5 REXSITT considers environment-friendliness as an unavoidable necessity in the manufacture of each chair. With its recyclable components and sustainable production cycles, YOUNIQUE respects the planet we live in.


Perfect movements for incredible wellness.
The Synchron mechanism provides a level of self-adjustment that lends the user extreme comfort, a cloud that follows your body in a transparent way, without ever getting in the way.

YOUNIQUE can be equipped with four types of high-quality mechanisms:

Synchron mechanism, with a large opening angle, at 28°, starting from a negative initial position at 4°.
• A TILT mechanism with swinging unit. You can block the chair in your preferred position using a button under the seat, a second button controls the gas-lift mechanism.
• A fixed die-cast aluminium gas-lift mechanism.
• A fixed die-cast mechanism without commands, rotating and, upon request, with return spring to the front position for meeting rooms.

YOUNIQUE is a harmonious symphony of movements.