High quality materials from Europe, ergonomic technique and psychophysical wellbeing, exclusive patented mechanics, Italian design and a ten-year warranty. It seems a lot but it’s not even enough to bring a magical product to life. We need more, we need attention to details: this is the subtle yet essential fil-rouge that binds our products together and makes all REXSITT production so recognizable.

Each chair is an emotion when we close our eyes and we can hear the sound of the needle that sewed the most noble parts of the chair together, or when we can see the expert hands that carefully modelled and shaped a precious fabric. It’s an emotion when we can smell the fragrance of the upholstery department and of the history that accompanies every creation. It is REXSITT when we open our eyes and find ourselves in the rooms where, day after day, we build our life, surrounded only by what we consider important.

Touching, feeling, breathing and living. This is the art we try to donate to each of our chairs.

This is REXSITT.


We have always looked for objects, situations, emotions that better complement our personality and our vision of the world. Being in balance with everything around us gives us energy and strengthens the image we give of ourselves.

This is why VISION will become your VISION.

Customising a VISION chair is a way of taking something that is already highly exclusive and making it unique. Choose the materials for the back and seat and match the colours of the leather or hi-tech fabric that best suit you. Today everything is possible, everything is about you.

And there’s more.

VISION gives you the opportunity to add a precious plate to your chair with your name, a motto or anything you need to keep you focused: life is an infinite series of choices, and they’re all exclusively yours.

This is VISION.