Design office seatings

Rexsitt is a leder company for the production of design office seatings and modular solutions

Design office seatings and also modular solutions Rexsitt is a leder company for the production, first of all, of design office seatings and also modular solutions, like halls and also receptions. Daniele Gollinucci creates each product using certainly the ergonomic culture, quality raw materials and a secret element too. This element is called Golly Factor. As a result, Rexsitt mission is to manufacture high level seatings, creative and comfortable solutions for every office place.

Design office seatings

Design passion, creativity, colors and shapes are above all primary elements for Rexsitt products. From over fifty years of Rexsitt story, expert artisans create and assemble each product thanks to traditional knowledges and modern technologies. The time they dedicate to the production of each single piece allows to realize unique and customized armchairs, with precious finishing and high quality materials.

Modular office solutions

All Rexsitt products are completely made in Italy, in the advance factory of Bertinoro. Furthermore,thanks to continuos technology upgrade, innovative equipments and electronics - such as, for example, 3d prototyping – Rexsitt guarantees forefront chairs and also modular solutions.
Customized work stations
Over these years, Rexsitt has changed shape and consequently substance. Day after day, it has adapted to the needs of those who chose it for its personality and due to its multifaceted uniqueness. But that’s not all. Over these years, Rexsitt’s unique style has managed to change the designers and interior design made in italy’s views.
Interior design furnitures
As a result, Rexsitt is an interior design made in Italy. We believe above all in the italian art and experience and we try to put togheter history of italian design and innovation. The way we look at living in space is changing all the time. Seems like private living is expanding and becoming an integral part of any public space: offices, schools, airports, companies, big cities. Consequently it is more and more important for living areas to be usable for multiple purposes, as flexible social or private spaces within communal areas. Ergonomic chairs and modular office solutions Design office seatings Modular office solutions Contemporary office furnitures Modular solutions for office Customized workstations Customized work solutions Modular office spaces Comfort seatings for office Modular solutions for office Professional armchairs Agenzia di comunicazione Cesena Design office seatings