“COLORI”, the new catalogue

2017 February 07
With the new “COLORI” catalogue, REXSITT shows a rich and versatile collection where shapes and material express the constant and passionate quality research. In order to represent our purpose, we have opted for the relationship with the landscape, because its shapes and colours inspire creativity.
The objects we live with have been created this way as well: by intuition, by a project and by the research for solutions and beauty. The power of our product lies in the fact that it can combine the ergonomics of shapes with the softness of fabrics, the design innovation with a remarkable sense of functionality and practicality. Our broad manufacturing experience allows us to be always ready to catch the new trends and, at the same time, to be able to interpret quickly all the aspects of our Customers’ requirements.
Thanks to its quality and technology, its traditional knowledge and design culture, REXSITT brings new colours into the great landscape of everyday life.