Legola composition


EGO is a simple, widely applicable, multipurpose system consisting of panels, seats, worktops, tables and lamps that can be combined and assembled together to create workstations in open space and home office environments.
EGO is a completely modular system without limits in its applications and it can be used in common areas and lounges.
It adapts to various types of work environments, relaxation areas for recreational purposes or as a reception area.

An open mind in an open world

EGO is completely modular and has unlimited application possibilities - it can be used in common areas and lounges and adapts to various types of modern and non-modern environments. Is the instrument that enables design studios to personalize their projects and make them unique with a touch of class and modernity.
EGO components, which are all patented, has fantastic sound suppression, can be designed with a wide range of fabrics, and can be reconfigured over and over. EGO, unlike products of the past, transforms areas in ways only imagined. Passive, lightly used, and unproductive spaces are now utilized to their fullest they now become genuine places for meeting and sharing.